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Catapult student engagement

There are many ways to ignite a student's curiosity. One is by providing them with tutoring help from an expert who can give their undivided attention. The perfect win-win for all, TutorMe offers students impactful, 1:1 tutoring in many different subjects, while assisting teachers with personalized learning support in their classrooms.

Webinar: How to Enrich Classroom Engagement with 1:1 Online Tutoring

This on-demand webinar provides step-by-step recommendations on how to implement online, 1:1 tutoring during the school day. Learning space design expert Dr. Robert Dillon and EDU Innovation Leader Stephanie Rothstein provide instructional strategies and classroom management tips you can apply to your classroom instantly.

Student Tutoring Checklist

Download a customizable, fully-editable checklist designed to help your students prepare for their 1:1 tutoring session.

Tutoring "Study Guide"

Provide students with a simple guide to help them navigate the tutoring process; it’s meant to be placed in front of their device so they can easily access helpful tips before, during and after their 1:1 session.

A new world of 1:1 support

Stay informed with our curated blogs designed to make your return to back-to-school season as seamless as possible.

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How to Increase Student Usage of On-Demand Tutoring Through Parents and Community

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Around-the-clock support for you, too

First time using TutorMe? Need a little help incorporating or increasing student usage of on-demand tutoring, or just have a general question? We have you covered.

K-12 Info Sheet

Discover how TutorMe helps educators improve how they deliver personalized learning experiences.

Get students excited

Get students excited – Share this How-To Guide with students to introduce them to TutorMe.

Tutoring User Guide

Take a virtual tour to learn the steps students need to take to get connected with the right-match tutor.

All in this together

Everything's better when we work together, including helping students.

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